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Michael J. and Ann Sherman Center for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education

The center’s mission is to enable interdisciplinary student entrepreneurship in the broadest sense by providing education on tools, concepts, and resources to foster creativity and the ability to develop commercially viable ideas. The center opened in September 2014 with a curriculum designed to equip engineering students with the appropriate skills to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.  Workshops and courses are led by Northeastern faculty and innovators from industry.

The center complements Northeastern’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship on campus and works closely with the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and IDEA, Northeastern’s student-run venture accelerator.

Our benefactor, Michael J. Sherman, is a College of Engineering alumnus and tech innovator with over 40 years of experience in communications hardware and software development, including wireless applications for military, government, and commercial use. He started AES Corporation in 1974 and grew it into a leading manufacturer of long-range wireless communications equipment for customers worldwide.  His vision is to ensure that engineering students are able to communicate and develop products for the commercial world; understanding the business behind the science to bring to market capabilities.

The Sherman Center carries out its mission through various technical workshops, speaker series, coursework and internal and external collaborations. Thus far, the center has conducted technical workshops focusing on building automated devices, 3D printing, and programming, as well as hosted speakers who provide insight on turning innovation to success in the marketplace in small and large organizations.

The Sherman Center’s entrepreneurial education reach has just begun and we look forward to further opportunities the center will have in creating a space for students to stretch their engineering skills and apply those skills beyond the classroom.