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Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL), delivered by The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership, is the Institute's core program and primary goal . GEL is a graduate program offered as a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership or in combination with a graduate degree in the engineering discipline of choice. Gordon Fellows will demonstrate an exceptional ability to lead engineering teams by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to influence others to achieve their collective goals. Gordon Fellows acquire these essential capabilities through a concentrated curriculum of advanced leadership and technical coursework, one-on-one mentoring, and a market-worthy project based on the organization’s strategic needs. At the end of the program, Gordon Fellows emerge with the confidence, vision, and technical dexterity to drive positive change within their organizations.

The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership also offers The Gordon Undergraduate Engineering Leadership Program (GUEL) which is an undergraduate subset of the graduate-level Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL) at Northeastern University.The primary objective of GUEL is to enhance the value of Northeastern’s world-renowned cooperative education (co-op) program by offering a supplementary curriculum that makes engineering leadership development a focus of the co-op experience. During their undergraduate studies, engineering students complete up to three six-month co-ops, working for any of Northeastern’s more than 2,700 co-op employers.  To ensure the greatest potential for leadership growth, students are invited to participate in GUEL during their second or third co-op experience.  The program includes a series of engineering leadership development activities focused on developing leadership skills, engaging in more meaningful interactions with their supervisors, and taking active roles in shaping their overall co-op experiences.

The Gordon Institute understands the importance of linking engineering leadership with other areas of the college. For example in addition to linking into a number of undergraduate forums Simon Pitts, Director of the Institute and Colonel Steve McGonagle, Professor, Engineering Leadership play a role in the design and implementation of The Research Leadership Development Initiative (ReDI). ReDI was created as a part of the overall University faculty leadership development program.

Externally to Northeastern the Institute takes a leading role in the field of Engineering Leadership education. Steve Klosterman,Professor, Engineering Leadership is currently the Program Chair for the newly formed American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Division for Engineering Leadership, Seattle 2015. Simon Pitts also plays a founding and leading role in COMPLETE, (Community of Practice for Leadership Education for the 21st Century Engineer ) which is a community of practice of other leading Universities that are focused on sharing and developing best practices in teaching this key topic.    

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