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Corporate Sponsorship

Partnership with Northeastern Engineering can occur in a variety of ways – most commonly, companies look for workforce development initiatives, student placement in industry, and targeted research. The first step is a conversation to understand your real-world business needs.


Professional Workforce Development

In addition to traditional research-oriented graduate degrees, Northeastern Engineering also offers specialized Master of Science degrees designed specifically for working engineering and technical professionals. The Graduate School of Engineering enjoys an outstanding reputation and offers flexible program structures, including full-time and part-time programs as well as courses offered online via streaming video, an excellent option for those pursuing graduate study while maintaining a career.

Cooperative Education Student Placement

Our signature cooperative education program (aka “co-op”) is both good business and good for business. With talented young workers on staff on whom you can depend, your experience employees can turn their attention to developing new strategic initiatives. By nurturing young talent, your company is laying the foundation for those who will guide the work in years to come. Co-op employers gain cost-effectiveness, support, and the opportunity to engage with budding talents in the field. Engineering maintains employment opportunities with nearly 600 companies nationwide. The placement of our engineering students at our co-op partner companies is routinely at or very near 100 percent.

Targeted Research

Industry and government partner with Northeastern for basic and applied research. The reason is simple: they know that at Northeastern, our two guiding principles are interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with the real world. These principles are reflected in our research programs, which are driven by critical issues in materials, processes, systems and infrastructure. Our research collaborations are a win-win-win: our partners receive knowledge and products tailored to their needs, our researchers validate and extend their work, and our students receive training and experience to become the next generation of effective technologists.