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MIE Research

January 20, 2016

About Me 

My name is Nasir Abayomi Yussuf and I graduated from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston with a BSc in mechanical engineering. I'm currently a PhD student at NEU studying mechanical engineering with a concentration on material science and a research focus on nanotechnology specifically nanorods under the supervision of Professor Hanchen Huang. I'm from Cumberland, Rhode Island.  

MIE Research

To think of the transitioning and the process of embracing the opportunity to perform graduate research, is to think of the implementation of assimilated skills and knowledge developed in experimental research especially to the needs of the nation at large, and I believe every research interest and accomplishments to be highly related to these goals. As a Mechanical Engineer, I believe the exhibition of the broadened understanding of all related engineering criteria is crucial and should be coupled with the improvement of interdisciplinary interests.

Since the establishment of the need for an increase in research and development in alternative, sustainable and ecological energy solutions, solar energy has been one of the most promising approaches to supplying abundant amount of energy particularly in the context of alarming controversies surrounding environmental pollution and its influence on global warming. While many research methodologies take into consideration cost effectiveness as a crucial objective, normalization of the idea of energy generation focusing on efficiency is of utmost importance as well. I feel exhilarated to research this solution and more at Northeastern University because it would be perplexing but fun for my career as an engineer.

Northeastern University’s Interfaces Engineering Laboratory (IEL) specializes in the fabrication of well–separated Nanorods with exceptionally small critical dimensions and high aspect ratios, as well as the theoretical development of Nanorods and thin films which upon oxidation becomes an oxide. IEL provides the essential platform needed for the progression of such research interest. And with the support and guidance of Prof. Hanchen Huang, I look forward to a fruitful and enriched future with Northeastern’s graduate program towards a much broadening understanding of Engineering.